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Dear Diary: Yan

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A special kind of diary. 

Our agency is happily growing and thriving. Not only do we have full-time team members, but we also have a dual student and act as a training company. We are very happy about this, because there is a lot of creativity in every head and we have the honor of training these bright minds and supporting them on their way. And one such clever and absolutely creative mind has been training with us since 01.09.2023. May we introduce him? Yan.

Hello, dear Yan! 

Hi, I'm Yan and I started my apprenticeship at Flanke 7 at the beginning of September 23. I didn't start until two weeks later, because I had to go to vocational school first. 

On my first day at F7, I met a lot of people and got a lot of impressions - I had to let them sink in, it was a lot at once. Super cool and also super nice, but a lot at once. 

And then I was given my own tasks and projects relatively quickly. Moritz and Selina showed me what to look out for and then I was able to try things out for clients and get creative. I now regularly create images for social media postings for customers, but also for F7, edit images in general and also videos, both for us and for the customers.

My week is quite colorful: I get to know a lot of new things - the software and tools for the actual work and also look over the shoulders of others to learn a thing or two. 

I then always send my suggestions to the team for the respective project and they give me feedback. Sometimes something needs to be adjusted, but often - more and more often - my creations are then used directly for customers. And it's very, very cool to see your own work live somewhere. 

For this diary, I was also asked what I love doing. I can only say: everything! 

It's all very new to me and a lot of fun. I enjoy creating and making icons with Illustrator the most, but I actually enjoy everything. 

My tasks are varied and so are the clients, so it never gets boring and that's great. I think that I'll get lots of new tasks in the long term and will definitely have lots of new projects with clients - and I'm really looking forward to that too.

This is Yan's education 

Media designer in the field of digital and print - that's the name of my dual apprenticeship at Flanke 7. To summarize, it's about creating digital or printable or even printed information media - in other words, all the media that is needed for a customer, for example. 

We learn a lot beyond design: project management, organization, conception, some legal aspects and also something about environmental protection. 

So it's not just about delivering the best media for the customer in the end, but also about advising and understanding the customer and analyzing the requirements accordingly to see whether they can be implemented or whether new qualifications may need to be acquired. 

Of course, everything to do with design and print is included - at the end of my training, I will not only have mastered many different tools and software, I will also be trained in creativity, the media products will be checked and so on. 

I'm still at the very beginning, but I'm looking forward to everything that lies ahead of me and I'm excited to see what I can learn and try out in the near future.

Dear Yan, here's a small addition to your summary: Yan attends the Johannes Gutenberg School in Stuttgart and has block lessons here in accordance with the curriculum. His dual training lasts around 3 years and over time he will choose a specialization in one of the three subject areas. In the first 1.5 years of training, all trainees acquire all the skills and knowledge they need to then orient themselves according to their own ideas and passions. You can find out more about training as a media designer here.

Yan's work at F7

At this point, we'd like to take the "microphone" from you, because we'd like to take this opportunity to praise you in full: It's great what you've already learned in your short time with us and how well you're developing. We are already super proud of how quickly Yan has learned the ropes and which projects he has taken on right from the start. His creativity is bubbling over and not only we benefit from this, but also all our customers. 

A special diary from Yan - thank you for taking the time to do this and thank you for supporting us! We're glad you're here! 

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