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Dear Diary: Veronica

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The dev team has grown. 

It's that time again - we can introduce a new face and welcome a new team member to our agency. Our web development team has grown and is getting energetic support. And what tasks this candidate will face, we take a look at now. A new Dear Diary - Let's go.

Hello, dear Veronica! 

Hey, I'm Veronica and since August 2023 I'm part of the web dev team at Flanke 7. I'm very happy to be part of the team - and as it is in a diary, I'll tell you a little bit about my everyday life and my tasks. 

What I do in detail depends on the wishes of our customers and what our design team has conjured up from them. Ultimately, I take over the implementation of what was previously developed and conceived. The nice thing is that I can also come up with good ideas to add a few highlights using modern technologies.

A "standard project" - if there is such a thing, because our clients are super colorful - usually goes like this: I first get all the tools ready that I need for a new site. We usually work with a CMS (Content Management System), where all the content - text, photos, videos, etc. - is uploaded. But this alone is not enough - we also need a hosting platform, because this is where the finished site will be published later and is then accessible to everyone on the Internet. And last but not least, code management is very important, which means that every time I program something, I upload the code to the cloud afterwards. That's super important, because then all versions are available to everyone and aren't just buried in the depths of my laptop. And in case I ever get my laptop soaked with coffee (fortunately, this has never happened to me) or I have a breakdown, then the work was not in vain and you can continue to work on an earlier version, for example. When everything is set up, I can start working on the code.

Here maybe a little fun-fact on the side, because programming is not like many imagine it. We don't write down every single word, many of the hundreds of lines of code can be found in code that has been written many times before and can be copied. Or we use code that is always used in web pages anyway and can be filled in automatically by code editors (the program in which you write the code). We type a lot, the fingers often glow, but there is also one or another workaround 😉

More details, more details

Research - and a lot of it - is also an important part of my or our work as developers. We "must" always know what new features are coming to the market, and it feels like this is the case every day. Of course, there is no obligation, but you also want to develop yourself further or try out new things and learn which technologies exist that you haven't used yet. Sometimes you also read code that is publicly available from other developers around the world to get inspired, for example, how you can improve your own code even more. 

My day is always a colorful mixture of consultation in the team, scheduling the tasks assigned to me and also keeping an open eye for tasks that have not yet been on the schedule. A lot of coding, a lot of googling and from time to time communicating with customers or even creating explanatory videos on how to adapt the content on my own website. 

In between the customer projects I have time to implement a few ideas for Flanke 7's own projects, such as our own website but also, for example, our new Shopify app.

Behind Veronica's Scenes

I am also one of the F7 team, who is not at home in the beautiful Ländle, but works 100% remote. Most of the time I'm in my wonderful apartment in the middle of Dresden's old town or sometimes in a coworking space, because sometimes you're a bit lonely at home. After work I go to squash or yoga or in the summer with a delicious drink to the Elbe. 

That's why I only see my team at great team events on site in Schorndorf. But we talk every morning in video calls or in between whenever I need something, so I can always rely on a quick response. 

I came to Flank 7 via a small detour, because after my studies I worked as an IT consultant and then, after further training as a web developer, I started working at F7. Now I finally feel like I've arrived and I'm very happy with my work.

What I love the most 

Oh yes, there are a lot of things - but if I had to choose, it would be the creation of really cool and beautiful animations, which make sure that visitors of websites don't want to leave the site anymore, because it's so much fun to scroll through the page. 

And the highlight - of course - when a new page is finished and handed over to the customer and when there are happy reactions (because that's what we do it for), then I'm super happy that the customer can hold the nice, finished result in his hands. 

Of course, sometimes there are days when you are very close to despair, but it's also fun to dig into complex coding problems and to take them apart for so long and to think about a concept for the solution and to test different ways until everything works out and the site looks exactly as you (and our customers) imagined it. For me it's like a puzzle, you keep trying new pieces until everything fits together so that the result is a beautiful picture.

A dreamy closing sentence - big thanks to you, dear Veronica for your insight and effort. We're so happy to have you as part of the team! 

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