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Dear Diary: Markus

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Further support for the #F7 Team.

The agency is growing and this winter we have already introduced you to a new member of the Flanke 7 team. But that's not enough for us, so we're delighted to be able to introduce another dedicated person who has been supporting us since the beginning of September and helping out wherever possible. A new Dear Diary, let's go.

Greetings Markus! 

Hi, I'm Markus and I've been part of the F7 team since the beginning of September. Even though I support and help wherever I can, my main task is a colorful mix of advising existing customers and acquiring new ones, because the agency should continue to grow.

What do I do? It's definitely very varied and revolves around the planning of concepts, the preparation of offers, the basic planning of projects through to implementation. Planning face-to-face meetings with customers when I'm on site in Schorndorf is also part of my induction. I still live near Frankfurt and am only in the agency from time to time, but that will change. 

In general, I am one of the first points of contact for questions from customers, alongside other heads of the agency, be it about offers or content-related questions, which I then pass on to the relevant team member if they cannot be clarified directly. 

However, it is also important that we as an agency and company regularly obtain feedback. This applies not only to offers and orders, but also if there are still open points that we need to discuss, for example because they have not yet been implemented. And of course how satisfied the customers are overall with the agency and our work as a team. 

I also contact older existing customers and follow up on leads that could not be processed earlier due to a lack of time. In some cases, I find great new projects that are not only a good fit for the client, but can now be handled better by the expanded F7 team.  

A lot of our work also revolves - naturally - around the design and creation of new websites. That's why I also prepare initial analyses of websites, so that the first meeting doesn't start from scratch, but I have a good picture of the customer.

My daily routine 

Yes, of course it's all still very colorful and there are no fixed routines, because as I'm still so new to the company, everything still has to find its way. But of course a lot has happened since the beginning of September and some things have stayed the same or are returning. 

I almost always start the day with emails and at the same time I check whether there are any missed calls or requests for a callback. I also take a look at our project management tool Asana quite early in the morning so that I can see what developments have occurred with tasks, what may be unfinished and what may have increased in urgency. I do everything that I can do immediately. Because every space I gain on my desk offers room for something new.

Once that's done, I turn my attention to the tasks and projects that require a little more time to familiarize myself with or prepare for. This time of the day consists a lot of reading and checking, so I use it to eat breakfast at the same time. I also pay a lot of attention to my diet, which I share with some of the flank 7. At the moment, I like to have oatmeal with milk and protein powder for breakfast - it has the flavor Cinnamon Cereal and tastes like Cini Minis from Nestle. 🤤

And then it's on to the next step - usually with the implementation of what I prepared beforehand. I also receive between 1 and 100 calls and do my best to answer all the questions, delegate tasks to the relevant professionals in the team and get to know new people every day. In addition to the 1 to 100 calls I receive, I also call just as many customers. Mostly to find out what the customer's exact wishes and expectations (or even goals) are and to discuss what can be sensibly implemented and what an offer that I create for the customer will look like. Or - and this is also part of the 1 to 100 calls - to follow up on offers that have already been sent out.

Lunch is usually already on the agenda by then - sometimes this also takes place on the side. It's often a little smaller, but always (or mostly) according to the motto: the main thing is protein. And sometimes, of course, you can't be so disciplined and the desire for pasta or toast is louder than on other days.  

And after lunch is before lunch - which means that my day usually continues the way it started and went until then. After work, I go to the gym for strength training a few days a week. It really helps to clear my head after a full day. 

Our dear Marcel said in his diary that his "greens" are important in his diet - I have them in the evening in the form of colorful salads or bowls in every variation you can imagine. And of course, protein is a must here too.

The private Markus 

The Diary series is always a cool opportunity to take a look behind the scenes and get to know everyday life in an agency and to understand how an agency works and what the people there do. 

And, of course, we all fool around while we're working - after all, we're only human. 

In my free time, I can do the things that give me strength and are good for me - in addition to strength training and sport, this also includes gaming or going out into nature with my girlfriend and doing something there. Many of the F7 gang members have talked about what they can't miss on a good day. And I'd like to share what should never be missing from my menu and is absolutely number one on cheat days, for example: burgers. 

I'm an absolute burger fan and here, too, you can vary a lot, experiment and get to know different cuisines. There's nothing like a juicy burger, is there? But a good pizza or Asian dishes are also very popular with me. 

And after 1 to 100 calls times two a day, you really deserve good food. Thank you, Markus, for your insight and your summary of your day and your work. 

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