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Dear Diary - Nadjas Day

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Waving the magic wand: Marketing magician Nadja talks about her day

In our new blog series, we're giving a look behind the scenes. Real, authentic and from the team's point of view. Nadja has given us a glimpse into her work diary - let's get started.

Hello, dear Nadja! 

Hi, I'm Nadja and my journey with Flanke 7 started in November 2020. I think I'd best start with my tasks and then tell you something about my day. 

I work as an online marketing manager and that means that everything on my plate is about performance marketing and paid advertising - for example via Google Ads or even Facebook Ads. That starts with the creation, then of course continues with the support, but also the analysis and evaluation is an important part, because we want the campaigns to develop and get better.

My table is big, though, so I still have a few tasks and areas where I get involved. For example, I'm also the contact person for customers by phone, e-mail or sometimes in video conferences. 

At Flanke 7, we always aim to provide our customers with the most comprehensive support possible. That's why I'm also responsible for creating potential analyses, publishing news on customer websites and working in one of my favorite areas: content marketing. Here, it's all about writing content for customers' channels, always with the aim of offering added value.

My colorful day

I don't think there's a day I experience that goes exactly like one I've had before. 

I am an absolute earlybird and get up between 5:30 and 6:00. Then it's either off to the sports mat or shopping for me, because: the early bird catches the fresh vegetables and fruit. On some days I also have to "thaw out mentally" first, so that I can then really get going :) 

Well then, let's get started, shall we? 

Every day I try to make a realistic daily plan and to have all the tasks that I write down on a notepad done by the evening. I use Asana several times a day, but the really important things that I want to have in my head during the day are on a piece of paper next to me. Spontaneous thoughts, ideas or to-dos that occur to me or come to mind during the day first go on the pad and are later converted into Asana tasks.

In the mornings, I take on the bigger, concentration-intensive tasks, like building completely new Google Ads advertising accounts and the like.

While I'm fully focused, I usually listen to Taylor Swift on Spotify, because her songs are pleasant background music for me. Plus: I'm a fan. 

And then it's already time for lunch. 

At noon it's off to the kitchen and there I warm up my food, which is already pre-cooked and waiting for me in the fridge. I'm an absolute chill stove and therefore usually cook in the evening in peace while I watch a series on the tablet. If the sun is shining, then I eat on the balcony; because every ray of sunshine must be used and just makes happy.

In the afternoon, I continue with part 2 of my tasks. And sometimes fatigue creeps in, triggered by lunch. That's why I continue working standing at my height-adjustable desk and sometimes drink a Red Bull Tropical (but only that, no other kind). 

In between, I always keep half an eye on Asana and my mailbox, so that I can react spontaneously to customer mails and requests from colleagues. I usually get answers within a few minutes, because I simply value that and see it as a positive quality of mine.

In the afternoon, I like to take time for content marketing posts and work through my set Asana tasks. At 5 p.m. it's closing time for me and before I close the laptop, I briefly write down the most important to-dos for tomorrow, because on paper is off the top of my head.

What I like to do

Sending GIFs to my colleagues - how could it be otherwise. This form of entertainment and creating little smiles, can not be missing in my house. I'm a fan of seasonal marketing and developing creative campaigns for this and then implementing them is a lot of fun for me - at Easter, Christmas, Black Friday or even Pillow Punching Day. 

Organization definitely comes first, so you could sum it up this way, what I like to do: to document. I like to have neat documentation in Asana for my client tasks, what I did and when, and also record email exchanges there. The point of this is that I want everyone on the team to be as well informed about everything at all times as I am.

And of course, there's something else I can't do without: online marketing meetings with colleagues. It's the easiest way to discuss urgent matters directly and something good always comes out of it. And it's always funny, too. 

And with that, dear Nadja, you can put your magic wand aside. Thank you for the description of your day and the insight into the marketing organization of Flanke 7.

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