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Schreiner Immobilien


The objective of the project was to create three modern presences for Schreiner Immobilien with a new design, convincing usability and best performance. In the real estate industry, competition is quite fierce and it is precisely a personal touch in dealing with customers, trust, quality and a distinctive, lived service philosophy that make the difference. Schreiner Immobilien was looking for a simple, elegant website that would showcase the company's personality and build trust right from the start. The websites were to be mobile-optimised, load quickly and represent the point of contact to other platforms such as Immoscout.


We started with a common corporate design for all three sites. Emotional, large header images in classic black and white immediately catch the eye of viewers across the board as a uniform feature and convey a high-quality, elegant appearance.

By realising the websites with JamStack with Prismic CMS, a user-optimised usability was created that can ensure a longer stay due to the short loading times.

Maximum speed meets graceful design - on three websites, as building blocks for a new corporate presence for Schreiner Immobilien.

Project scope

  • Needs and potential analysis based on a questionnaire: Here, the client was intensively involved and provided a lot of input on the exact ideas and expectations.
  • Implementation concept with optimised web design for multisites
  • Optimisation and extension of the corporate designWeb development with Node.js, Next.js and Prismic CMSHosting: Netlify
  • Connection to external platforms, such as Immoscout.




The speciality - Multisite project

In this project, the special feature and challenge was that the client, Schreiner Immobilien, is a company that consists of several companies.

The Schreiner group of companies consists of "Schreiner Immobilien RM GmbH" and "Schreiner Bau und Wert GmbH", among others, which act together to be perceived as a competent partner for their customers in the real estate industry. They offer a variety of solutions, such as project development, land acquisition, real estate brokerage and valuation, expert opinions and much more. The project for us was to design three websites for a client with several companies, which were designed in a consistent style with recognition value and could also be managed together via a CMS. So three different websites were needed - in the same style, but with different focal points in terms of content.

Speed times 3

Schreiner Immobilien sees itself as a full-service provider in the areas of building, living and furnishing and attaches great importance to high-quality support for (potential) customers right from the start.

With the new websites featuring load times without delays and a classically elegant design, the three new websites are now an inviting starting point for every customer at every stage of their customer journey. No matter whether it's a real estate appraisal (Schreiner Immo), a property purchase (Bau und Wert) or contacting Schreiner via the group's website. A quick appearance in a recognisable design is available.

3 times the same, 3 times different

In this project, we were able to show the importance of a consistent appearance of a company to the outside world.

Once the style is in place, it can be expanded and rolled out for every area of a company.

Schreiner Immobilien did not only get three new sites. Thanks to the central administration in a common CMS (Prismic), content can be adapted and exchanged more quickly, efficiency increased and the effort sustainably reduced.

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