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Renewable energies are on everyone's lips and the competition, but also the demand from customers, is growing and growing. The client rmsolar was looking for a new all-round solution, a professional external appearance that not only explains the possibilities around photovoltaics in a simple and appealing way, but also offers an innovative experience. "Together - innovative - for tomorrow" - this is what rmsolar stands for and our task was to present these 3 value promises visually, textually and technologically.

In particular, we focused on shorter loading times, as the previous site sometimes took many seconds to open due to outdated technology. But a new design was also necessary, because the professional appearance of rmsolar at the customer's site also had to be presented in the virtual world. A new appearance, an innovative effect with a quick entry into the world of renewable energies - implemented by us, with rmsolar as the expert and contact partner for everything to do with photovoltaics (PV), e-mobility, storage and co.

Project scope

  • Needs and potential analysis
  • Implementation concept with individual web design
  • Developing look & feel for the website
  • Copywriting
  • Web development with Node.js, Next.js and Prismic CMS
  • Hosting via Vercel CDN
  • Creation of new photos



Performance meets future theme: with a noble design in yellow and black, the new appearance convinces all along the line. Clean but high-tech, comprehensive but simply explained - this is what the new rmloar website presents.

Thanks to Jamstack technology, visitors get a sustainable experience on the site. This not only creates a new virtual "face" for rmsolar, which is available in a fraction of a second - the site invites visitors to browse and learn about photovoltaics. With a new design, new texts and the fastest technology.

A mix of product presentation and knowledge transfer for consumers: In addition to products and solutions for customers, rmsolar offers interested parties the opportunity to obtain comprehensive information. This invites you to stay on the site.

The team behind rmsolar should not be neglected either: Anyone who is interested in installing a PV system on their own roof or façade, for example, needs a competent contact person who is there to support them throughout the entire process. It is precisely this team of experts that is presented and introduced on the new site. In order to be attractive as an employer for future employees, the site has also been given a new look.

Simple and clean meets high-tech and sustainable

With whitespace to more clarity - this was clearly implemented at rmsolar, but not in "white" as the name suggests, but in "black" with yellow accents. We created appealing texts that not only provide an introduction to the world of renewable energies, but also make a decisive contribution to search engine findability.

Maximum speed to maximum customer satisfaction? That's possible and at rmsolar this was achieved through a combination of state-of-the-art web development and the fastest hosting via Content Delivery Network (CDN).

Together innovative into a sustainable future. The promise of rmsolar is now also reflected in the new website: together we conceived this project, together we worked on the implementation, together rmsolar got a new, virtual home.

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