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Ernst Lorch KG is a supplier and service partner for devices, components, and spare parts for many companies in the DACH region. This customer project is a unique opportunity because, as an agency, we have been given the chance to redesign an important part of the brand: the attractive presentation of LORCH as an employer brand through new landing pages, in order to recruit new employees for various positions within the corporate group.

It was not just about presenting the different job profiles, but about emotionally engaging potential candidates. The goal was to introduce them to the “world” of Lorch right from the start. The feeling of the everyday working life at Lorch was to be conveyed at every point.

Project scope

  • Needs and Potential Analysis
  • Implementation Concept with Graphic Designs based on the Existing Corporate Design
  • Concept, On-site Filming, and Editing of Videos
  • Development of Employer Brand Presentation
  • Conceptualization of Content Structure
  • Web Development with Node.js, Next.js, and Hygraph CMS
  • Hosting via Vercel CDN


The challenge

Every project presents us with challenges that we not only enjoy overcoming but also use to expand our ability to meet a client's needs. With Lorch, there was a clear desire to create a long-term bond between employer and employees through a positive initial engagement.
The challenge was that there are two areas within the company, both equally looking for employees. Therefore, the task was to address two target groups through a single page.


To effectively address the two target groups, we first examined which type of approach would be most effective for each, then developed the actual strategy from the overlap between the two. This led to a new positioning for the employer brand “Ernst Lorch” through the triad “Work, Create, Live.”

“Work” represents the daily tasks and responsibilities of each position. “Create” symbolizes the development opportunities offered to employees. “Live” showcases the promotion of company culture, teamwork, cohesion, and the positive work environment at Lorch.

With attention spans being short and many employers competing for attention, we needed an alternative approach, so we used videos and visual content. The entire video content was also produced by the F7 team. This was a new and exciting experience: over several days, the content team was on-site conducting various interviews to authentically convey the “personal touch” of working at Lorch. A tour of the headquarters was also part of the videos.

For speculative applicants, we provided an attractive option in the form of an easy-to-fill contact form that includes salary expectations and a brief introduction of themselves.

The end result: a fast-loading website with clear employer brand positioning, easily consumable content, and as the cherry on top, whitepapers to provide deeper insights into the individual positions.

Employer branding with a video tour and virtual introduction

In today's market, many companies in Germany are struggling with a shortage of skilled workers, making the presentation of benefits and an attractive employer image increasingly important for recruiting new employees. Distinguishing oneself from other companies is crucial when candidates are choosing where to apply.

LORCH focused on allowing potential candidates to “experience Lorch,” giving them a glimpse into the company culture right at the start of the application process. Instead of introducing the two target groups through job postings, they are introduced to the world of LORCH via various videos. This approach not only puts a “face” to the company but also highlights individual development opportunities described by real employees, thereby enhancing authenticity.

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