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The company CT-Systemtrennwände is one of Flanke 7's existing customers and a cross-channel customer (Jamstack website, performance marketing, content marketing).

The challenge here is to create and permanently maintain a synergy and symbiosis of the different channels. This is created, among other things, by the possibility of recognition in terms of design, but also through a seamless customer journey and consistent content (on all channels).

For the company CT-Systemtrennwände, one of the requirements for optimizing the web channel was to now also implement the developed corporate design on the website. In addition, the approach of new customers, the clear presentation of the USP, a strong differentiation from the competition, the communication of all values and the presentation of past successes should be made possible.

The goal is to position CT holistically online attractively and to implement the customer's demands seamlessly across different channels. The solution for this is to connect the different touchpoints to create a (marketing) symbiosis. Because only acting across channels will offer the chance for ROI, brand awareness, targeted audience and growth in the future.


In a project with Flank 7, CT's corporate design was optimized and adapted. The goal was to visually represent the core product (partitions), optimize the color scheme and present the immediate communication and representation of the advantage for customers when working with CT. Concise orange dividers were created as a visual metaphor for this.

This optimized design, along with customized content, has now been integrated into the website, and the structure and navigation have been simplified to improve the user experience.

As part of the project, the other channels (Google Ads for performance marketing as well as social media for content marketing) were optimized accordingly to ensure holistic marketing of the company.

In order to be and remain competitive, to increase the own reach and to keep the attractiveness for customers as well as for potential employees continuously high, it is indispensable to use the combination effects of different channels, to coordinate them and thus to create a seamless experience for customers.

Project scope

  • Needs and potential analysis
  • Implementation concept with integration of the new corporate design
  • Web development with Node.js, Next.js and Prismic CMS
  • Hosting via Netlify CDN
  • Restructuring of the website
  • Integration of the virtual showroom
  • Coordination of the different touchpoints
  • Review of the customer journey in terms of cross-channel


Channel symbiosis: Jamstack Website, Performance Marketing, Content Marketing

By combining this with performance marketing, search engine rankings are improved and can be maintained through constant monitoring and adjustment. If the website offers a good user experience, this increases the attractiveness for paid advertising in terms of placement within a search engine.

Social networks as additional search engines play an equally important factor. Depending on where the customer journey of a potential customer or employee starts, this channel must also be prepared accordingly, offer an experience and added value - and as a building block do its part to create the cross-channel synergy.

Key components of the user experience here are the new design and the speed of the page.

The design provides (also visually considered) a beautiful introduction to the world of system partitions. The simple elegance in combination with a "clean, simple" structure are essential elements of the new look. Among other things, the design and overall structure of the site improves differentiation from the competition and the presentation of past successes.

The speed of the page contributes another important part to the overall perception. If it takes too long to load, the likelihood is high that users will leave the site and not visit again. For this reason, Flanke 7 as an agency relies on JAMStack websites, which counteract exactly this problem with the possible speed.

Diversity of the customer brought to the point

The new website exudes calm and professionalism with its uniform color scheme. The presentation of the different options of partition systems shows customers how CT can take each customer's perspective and what additional options are offered.

By promoting the new site via 2 additional channels (Google and social media), it is now possible to widely communicate and publicize the customer's unique selling points.

Allround Wallsystem, Allround Client

By combining the different channels, there is the possibility to learn a lot about the effect of the different channels and thus also to carry out a more targeted optimization.

A professional and search engine optimized web presence is crucial in order not to get lost in the multitude of websites. The best way to increase your own visibility is to combine different channels, such as paid ads and content marketing.

Performance marketing offers the opportunity to make successes visible and measurable. Controlling costs and improving the customer journey are also possible. Content marketing is the method for building trust and loyalty - and contributes to ranking in a search engine. Content marketing is the professional answer to a (potential) customer's question of "What is in it for me?".

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