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advise Research GmbH


Research plays a key role in increasing knowledge in the world - but also in helping us to better understand people, behavior and circumstances.

Our client Advise Research GmbH researches the market for its customers to provide a foundation for decisions.

The world of market research is complex and constantly growing, so the client approached us with the desire to modernize their own presence.

Not only should the services be described and presented more precisely, but it should also be possible to address two different target groups via one page.

While one target group is interested in the benefits and results of market research and is looking for more strategic answers, the other target group wants quick answers and decision support, including in the area of social media, which can also affect day-to-day business.

And since knowledge is known to become more when it is shared, Advise Research was also looking for a way to integrate a "reference book" for customers on the site, from which valuable content could be downloaded

A quick, new appearance was desired - in which different groups could be found, which not only inspires existing customers, but can also contribute to addressing new target groups.

Project scope

  • Needs and potential analysis
  • Implementation concept with graphic designs with web design based on the existing corporate design
  • Design of the presentation of the services with a focus on added value
  • Conception of the content structure
  • Web development with React, Next.js and Hygraph CMS
  • Hosting via Vercel CDN



Two birds with one stone - that wasn't just our task, for Advise it's part of the daily routine. And to not only make it easier and quicker for existing customers to find their way around, but also to enable new customers to quickly decide which "form" of answers they need, we split the site in two. And in the truest sense of the word: anyone who visits the site is invited on a journey through market research OR on a journey through the world of social media research.

Separated by color, divided by content - not just an indirect, but an explicit and direct approach to two target groups. And no matter which route is taken: the right contact person is already waiting, the most important content is presented in a nutshell and selected application examples help with understanding.

Smart solution for the smart decision makers

A large project, integrating a lot of important content and, above all, positioning it for the respective target group - that was the task.

And if you are already addressing two different target groups, why not split the page into two sections? Said and done: In order to direct the focus of the respective target group to the relevant area within short attention spans, we developed a colorful but concise differentiation that both stands out against the background of the corporate design "green" and fits seamlessly into the overall color scheme.

The first step was taken with the color scheme, followed by the development of two types of messages via text and image - which had to fit together to create a common effect, but also set the focus accordingly.

Together with the Advise Research team, many drafts were created in order to pick up the target group with the design. It was written, optimized and translated into English.

In order to reduce the complexity of the services for customers, appropriate diagrams were used that not only summarize the results a customer can expect for their own decisions, but also directly illustrate added value and thus answer the question: "What is in it for me?".

The end result? Advise Research's services have been given a new place to work and the "leaf" from the company's logo has become the central design element for Advise Research. With the new website, visitors can choose between market research and social media research right from the start.

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