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Take a look - Social media trends 2024

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What trends are turning the social media industry on its head?

We can expect quite a lot in the social media sector as well. We already know one or the other and it continues to be a trend and has not lost its importance. But there are also some new things or they are gaining in importance again. 2024 will be exciting, we have researched and found a few sources that agree on some aspects. Here we go.

The trends for 2024 

Trend No. 1: UGC from GenZ 

Yes, yes - Generation Z. It is becoming an increasingly frequent topic of discussion, and in some cases you can already tell that things are changing because of it. 

As the first generation, they have grown up with social media, and the younger members of GenZ in particular are unfamiliar with a world without social networks. People use the media to document their own lives, keep a diary and simply share everything. This includes opinions and content about brands and companies. 

Especially through TikTok, there is more and more video content from GenZ in which they tell and post about brands. In the coming year, this will continue to grow and companies can take the opportunity to use and leverage this UGC (user generated content - what this is, we have covered in this article) for themselves.

Trend No. 2: Videos with subtitles 

Not a new trend either, but more important than ever as the "video" format continues to grow in importance as well. Content is being shared more in video form - and people don't always have the time to sit down comfortably and watch videos. Videos are often consumed on the way to school, work and the like, or even in between. And since you are sometimes not alone - like in the subway - videos are watched without sound. 

So if you don't use subtitles in your videos yet, you should urgently start doing so. The content of a video is important - but you can also just read it, right?

Trend No. 3: TikTok, TikTok, TikTok 

No surprise to those who spend a lot of time in social media circles: The boom platform TikTok will continue to grow and also continue to gain in importance. 

Presumably, in the coming years, virtually no company will be without an account - just as was the case with Instagram. 

So, companies beware: TikTok will most likely play a role in your marketing and corporate strategy.

Trend No. 4: Who is head of? Videos

Our fourth trend came up strongly back in 2023, and videos played a big and important role there, too. Of course, the further growth of TikTok also conditions this trend. 

Nevertheless, it should not go unmentioned, because posting pictures with texts remains important on Instagram and Facebook, but for reach and growth, videos will also have to be posted. 

On Instagram, reels will become the dominant format and through YouTube Shorts and TikTok, short-form videos will also come more and more on all other platforms.

Trend No. 5: SEO on social media replaces hashtags 

Now it's getting exciting - search engine optimization on social media. Wait a minute, we've only heard of that from Google so far, right? 

Yes exactly, SEO - the "holy grail" if you want Google to love your content. But now it's the case that almost half of 18-25 year olds use social media as their search engine, and this engine can be optimized too. 

So keep using hashtags? Well, sure, because that remains important. But also the interaction of content on the website and Google and social networks must now be considered more. Because social SEO is not a separate area within the SEO discipline - it is the interdisciplinary interaction of different areas of online marketing.

Trend No. 6: Real, Authentic - #Raw

You really only know raw from sushi or raw food. But "Raw" is the kind of content that will be demanded in the coming year. 

It should be real, authentic, human or simply "raw". Not everything has to be elaborately produced, sometimes real is simply more. A face to the brand - and a real one at that - is becoming more important both in exchanges with potential customers and in marketing as an employer. No more selling - hello content that makes me laugh.

Trend #7: LinkedIn explores new waters 

Like... "new waters"? 

LinkedIn is no longer just about posting jobs, finding jobs or sharing about jobs. Users have started posting more unedited content inspired by their experiences. And it's a lot about showing your true colors and being honest about how you don't get along when juggling tasks. The social media platform is evolving into a more personal platform with posts where you can find advice on just about anything. This trend started during the pandemic - but it continues and it remains to be seen which content type will be preferred by the algorithm in the future.

Trend No. 8: Social commerce, for real now 

Yes, we've heard that before, too - shopping via social media. But precisely because GenZ uses social media as a search engine, it's also clear that shopping can be done via it and that this is even demanded. For marketers and companies, this means that in 2024 the online store must also be linked to Instagram and Facebook and that a store should be set up accordingly via Meta. Not witchcraft, but necessary. Because at the latest since the trend hashtag on Tiktok #tiktokmademebuyit, it should be clear what possibilities the platforms offer.

Trend No. 9: Augmented Reality 

We already mentioned it in our article on Trends for Design 2024 (linked), but it also plays an important role for social media: augmented reality. Development continues to move forward, and even though widespread (and more importantly, broad, commercial use for businesses is still in its infancy, augmented reality (AR) technology will seamlessly connect the digital and physical worlds in 2024, providing users with interactive and immersive experiences.While Snapchat and Instagram have already integrated AR filters and effects, AR technology will continue to conquer the other social networks. 

We all remember Pokemon Go with more than a billion downloads - and that was just the beginning. Meta will show us in the next few years what new products and "toys" will turn the market upside down.

Trend No. 10: Influencers - small, smaller, smallest

Influencers are and will remain an important "player" in marketing and also in the promotion of companies and brands. However, the focus here is shifting away from the "giant reach" to the smaller influencers - also in the micro and nano range.

Many of the smaller influencers often occupy niches and have less reach, but usually a higher trust rate and also more engagement. And companies will take greater advantage of this in the coming years: Less reach and more trust and engagement.

Our sources 

We didn't make up these trends, of course, but went on a search to gather what content all the sources had in common. 

Here are three articles that are quite interesting for further reading: 


An interesting year lies ahead of us, a year that will certainly bring many changes and trends that will last and those that will not even last a year. Especially in the software and technology sector, we will certainly have more to look forward to in the coming years. 

We are excited about what lies ahead and look forward to new opportunities and challenges. Read more on the Flanke 7 blog.

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