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No more filters, no more favorable perspectives - a new app in the world of social media

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“Your Friends for Real.” - The company's slogan suggests what the core of this app is. In this article we will introduce you to the history, the features and if this app will be a future competitor for current major networks. 

The social media market is large and it is growing. Both individuals and companies use networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter and Tik Tok almost daily - according to the Digital Data Report, there are around 66 million people in Germany (as of January 2021) and from 2020 to 2021 around 7.7 million people were added. 

Yes, the market is big and it is growing - and this entails new social networks. In 2020 we were talking about Clubhouse, now everyone is looking a new App from France: Be Real

What is Be Real? 

Be Real - an app from France, with the goal of more authenticity on social media. But how does it work? The app asks its users to post something within 2 minutes - one picture with the front camera and one with the selfie camera. There are no filters or editing options. Nothing can be edited or retouched, nothing can be re-posted. 

Users are supposed to show where they are, what they are doing, everything unadorned and real. The app's notifications do not come at fixed times, you get a notification at every time of the day. If there is no new post within the 2-minute time window, the followers are informed that this post does not show the real life of the user at that moment. 

So Be Real is not about a colorful, embellished life - it's about sharing and showing real, authentic insights. The advantage is that followers see much more content from everyday life, and it's not just another highlight that was shared. The app has not yet caught on in the circles of influencers, content creators and celebrities - but followers are demanding more authenticity from their favorite social media stars. 

Especially the #instagramvsreality does not stop trending. Just like the photo dump trend, snapshots from everyday life and weekly reviews with not only embellished pictures. 

The new app has one thing in common with Facebook: at the beginning, it was used primarily at universities, where it also enjoyed popularity, before gradually gaining reach throughout the world. Be Real - the new social network that wants the unflattering sight of accidentally opening the front camera to be immortalized and shared. Bye Bye, Filter - Hello Double Chin Selfie. 

And of course,, we took a closer look at the app - let’s take a look at our personal assessment of the first experiences: 

"The difference to other networks can be noticed right from the beginning. If you're used to being able to choose from a range of filters and effects on Instagram or Snapchat, Be Real takes you by surprise when you take your first photos. “That's it already?" or "Oh wow, why does the selfie cam automatically turn on?" were my first reactions. An uncertain feeling came up, precisely because of the reduced scope of possibilities within the app, more of oneself is revealed than one is used to - completely unfiltered. Future Be Realers should therefore already be given the tip that they will have to get used to the new system.”

Let’s take a look at the features

This is where things get interesting, because "Your friends for Real" is not just a slogan. In this app, followers can see who took a screenshot of a picture; there are no filters, no editing. The app advertises that it "won't make you famous. 

Followers can vote on the photo of the day from their network via reaction. Profiles can be posted publicly or privately, and Be Real creates photo albums of posted images. All posted images remain visible online for 24 hours - similar to Snapchat.

Notifications to the 2-minute time slot can be suspended and once per day a picture can be deleted. However, this is not possible multiple times, because that contradicts the intention of the new app. 

⁠Be Real - a competitor for Instagram, Facebook und Tik Tok? 

4.8 star rating with over 310,000 reviews in the App Store are definitely not to be ignored. And neither is the goal of making social networks more "social" and "real" again. 

The app is noting slow, steady growth. It already has users from the U.S., Denmark and Germany. Most of them: Gen Z. Generation Z - less on Facebook, more on Tik Tok, Instagram and Snapchat - is interested in the new possibilities of this social network. Due to the increasing attention, there are already first "copies" of BeReal: 

  • TikTok Now - the focus here is on videos up to ten seconds long, with simultaneous front and rear camera shots;
  • Instagram's Candid Challenge - posting a photo within a 2-minute window;
  • Snapchat - a dual camera feature is now available here as well. 

Be Real could reach the whole world, but that remains to be seen. 

Be Real in Business

There is still no information on whether companies will use the app as a communication channel and advertising platform. It is also not clear whether there are any opportunities for paid ads at all - currently in discussion are so-called "paid features" or "subscriptions" that can be purchased by users.

What opportunity does the Authentic App present for companies? The well-known "look behind the scenes" could thus become more genuine and show customers what everyday working life is like in the respective industry.

But more than that, the app appeals to Gen Z - the upcoming generation that will transform the job market. Genuine insights can be a means of employer branding, a means of making oneself authentically attractive as an employer. 

In any case, it should be noted that there is never a dull moment in the online communication world of social networks. In addition to the big fish in the ocean, new smaller fish are constantly appearing. And if you're not careful, the little ones will grow up faster than you might think. 

It is also clear that authenticity should be promoted more in all social networks.  "Be Real" shouldn't just be the name of the latest app - it should be the title of an entire trend. 

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