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Chat GPT for SEO: Your virtual assistant?

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AI texts for more visibility?

Chat GPT - the "wonder weapon" on the Internet that simply spits out great texts. Is that really the case? 

Writing search engine-optimized texts is a task that many in marketing face and that is also highly relevant. After all, findability on the World Wide Web is crucial for the number of visitors to a website and therefore ultimately also for gaining potential customers.

Now we have Chat GPT, which spits out novels of text in a short space of time and delivers faster than we can all say "artificial intelligence". So, Chat GPT? Can you deliver SEO texts for us? And some that are really good?

Hello, Chat GPT? 

To answer this question - the question of whether Chat GPT can really, really write good SEO texts - we simply asked the tool directly.

That's a good answer and it also gives an indication of what the tool can do: Help. It helps immensely, but it doesn't do the work for you and of course you shouldn't let your own thinking fall by the wayside. 😉

Chat GPT mentioned in our extensive dialog a few tips that it generally provides for SEO - don't worry, these will come in a later part of the article.

Recap: This is Chat GPT 

Let's briefly summarize what Chat GPT is. Chat GPT is a bot developed by Open AI that responds to typed questions and prompts or commands comprehensively and very quickly. The abbreviation "GPT" stands for "Generative Pre-Trained Transformer" and let's take a quick look at what that means.

"Generative" means that the bot can generate something, because it generates the answers to the questions or instructions typed in based on its data sources. 

"Pre-trained" is easy to translate and means that the bot is "trained" and has also been "fed" with stored data. Reinforcement learning was used for "feeding": when optimizing the software, Chat GPT also repeatedly received feedback and information as well as text input in response to the answers provided. 

"Transformer" - no, we're not talking about the film series - this is about using what has been learned, i.e. the trained structures, to provide answers that make linguistic sense. So he transforms what he has learned into a German sentence, for example. And because it's so nice, we asked Chat GPT itself what Chat GPT actually is.

The possibilities with Chat GPT 

Now we come to the most exciting part of this article: How can you use Chat GPT to help you create SEO texts? 

To answer this question, we asked Chat GPT itself, but we also did a lot of research and would like to present a summary of our research here.

This was Chat GPT's answer to our question of whether and how it can help you create SEO texts:

So, what can Chat GPT do for me as a marketer? 

Are you looking for relevant keywords? Great, you can do that with Chat GPT.

Do you need help with the structure of your texts and the preparation of information? Great, because Chat GPT can help you with that too. 

Headings, subheadings and meta tags? Absolutely doable with Chat GPT.

In addition, Chat GPT can also help you make your text easier to read, provide you with alternatives to your text if you are simply not so sure and of course - see our chat history with the tool - help you with mobile optimization etc..

Even if you're pressed for time, Chat GPT can help you create a text - many people find that it's quicker to revise or shorten a text than to write it straight from scratch.

What are others saying? 

But of course, it's also interesting to see how others use Chat GPT in the SEO sector and what other learnings there are. 

We summarize for you from Semrush

  • Even though the company clearly points out the limitations and repeatedly emphasizes what disadvantages it also has, there are also some areas of application that the company mentions. 

  • Semrush sees these possible applications: 

    • Having short articles created when the title, topic and length are predefined 

    • Create keyword clusters 

    • Creating a keyword strategy and content plan 

    • Meta information and FAQs 

    • Find link sources and optimize links 

    • Optimize business profiles 

You can find out more about this in Semrush's article, where you can also read more in detail. Here are a few more sources if you want to get really deep into the topic: our sources: The Content Consultants blog, a great article from Satzgestalt, Chat GPT himself, Google 😉, an article from SEO Kitchen and an article from United Ads.


No matter how good Chat GPT is, good copywriters are always better - but why is that? Even if the tool is a game changer when it comes to creating product descriptions, for example, the trend is increasingly moving towards storytelling. Stories that sell - and Chat GPT can't do that. At least at the moment. A personal, individual design and emotional appeal will never be covered by the tool in the same way that an experienced copywriter can captivate readers. 

Measured by the Flesch Index, Chat GPT is convincing because the readability of the texts is good. The disadvantage? The tool sometimes names fictitious sources and invents URLs that do not lead to any destination. 

And whether Chat GPT can adopt a different perspective in the same way that humans can - that is not yet clear. 

And always keep one thing in mind: Chat GPT makes mistakes. Thinking for yourself and, above all, questioning the content that the tool delivers at lightning speed are essential for good work and good texts.


So what can we say - is Chat GPT helpful in SEO? The answer is very clear: YES. 
Yes, of course you can use it to get faster, get inspiration and let the AI perform some of the SEO tasks. But only parts of it. At the moment, the tool can't do 100% of your work for you - and that's a good thing. 

Let it give you ideas, let it help you boost your creativity, but in the end do it yourself and check with a very watchful eye - that's our advice and the word for Sunday. 

As always, you can find more blog articles in the well-stocked F7 blog by clicking here.

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